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The Virgin Shall Give Birth

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About the book


The Virgin Shall Give Birth is two books in one: in addition to presenting an original defense of the traditional doctrine of the virgin birth, it also introduces the reader to aspects of the Mariology of Blessed John Duns Scotus and his school. In both respects it is thoroughly researched. The author first studies the validity of the traditional doctrine in view of Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium, as well as contemporary objections. Then he brings the insights of great, but largely forgotten, theologians of the past into the contemporary debate. These Franciscans show us that the miraculous character of the birth does not in any way contradict Mary’s exercise of motherhood in giving birth. Rather, the miracle makes possible a unique mode of birth that more closely resembles the eternal generation of the Word, and thus constitutes a revelation of the Trinity.

“This fine book … surely represents a milestone in the progress of research into Franciscan Mariology”

— Fr. Stefano M. Cecchin, OFM
President of the Pontificia
Academia Mariana Internationalis

This book contains

  • A study of the basis in Scripture and Tradition for the traditional doctrine of the virgin birth (virginitas in partu), with particular attention to the first centuries.
  • Analysis of the principal authors who objected to the traditional doctrine because the found it difficult to reconcile with Mary’s motherhood, and the response of the Magisterium
  • Bl. John Duns Scotus’s teaching on the virgin birth and Mary’s cooperation in the miraculous virginal conception
  • A brief history of the Scotist school
  • The teaching of Scotists on Mary’s cooperation in the miraculous virgin birth

    This book is good for...

    • Scholarly studies on the virgin birth or Scotist Mariology
    • Defending Mary’s virginity in childbirth
    • Symposia on Mary and her prerogatives
    • Academic dissertations with its extensive bibliography