Ecce Panis Angelorum


Heavenly voices of polyphonic hymns


Ecce Panis Angelorum is a recording of a musical live evening concert of thirty sacred hymns, mostly in Latin.These hymns were presented by the Northern Rhode Island Schola Sancte Ceciliaein thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus Christ on the occasion of the Centennial celebration of the foundation of St. Stanislaus Kotska Church, in Woonsocket Rhode Island. The Northern Rhode Island Schola Sancte Ceciliae consists of young men and boys who perform concerts and liturgical accompaniment to solemn Masses both Tridentine and the Novus Ordo Masses.

The Northern Rhode Island Schola Sanctae Ceciliae

1. Henri St. Louis
2.Fran Garrepy
3. Stephen Garrepy
4. Michael Garrepy
5. Christopher Garrepy
6. Andrew Garrepy
7. Mark Garrepy

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