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She is Our Response

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The Virgin Mary and the Church’s Encounter with Modernity in the Writings of Joseph Ratzinger

Mary’s role in the Church’s response to modernity cannot remain merely in the mode of theory (systematic theology) or iconography (Mary as symbol or type), but must extend to an encounter with the existential reality of her person. The crisis of modern man in his dis-integrated existential state can only be met by an integrated person, as opposed to a well-constructed theory or an aesthetically pleasing example. This book, then, is a theological and pastoral argument for Marian devotion and piety as an essential element for the Church in its dialogue with secularism.

The highlights of this book includes...

  • Clear assessment and diagnosis of "modernity" in its philosophical and social dimension
  • The insight of Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) with regards to this modernity by presenting the Catholic vision of truth.
  • Presentation of the Marian themes in the work and writings of Ratzinger by revisiting Catholic Marian dogmas as parameters of Mary's position as the archetype of the Church.

This book is good and helpful for...

  • those who want to understand better our modern times from sound philosophy.
  • A good introduction to the Marian thought of Pope Benedict XVI
  • Group parish discussion groups who study the thought of Pope Benedict XVI

Product ID: AIB-SOR040, 182pp, softcover