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Caritas In Primo

Caritas In Primo

On the Mystery of the Trinity by St. Bonaventure has not received the attention it demands, but this book by Dr. J. Isaac Goff, Ph.D. changes that. He puts the work into historical context, demonstrates its engagement with Aristotle, and guides us through the deep, limpid waters of Bonaventure's resolution of philosophy and theology to the primacy of the ocean of charity found within the circumincessient Trinity.

The Newman-Scotus Reader: Contexts and Commonalities

The Newman-Scotus Reader: Contexts and Commonalities

This book is on the similarity of thought held by Newman and Scotus in Philosophy.

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A Month With Mary

A Month With Mary

A brief spiritual treatise and reflection by Don Dolindo Ruotolo for the month of May. An inspiring little book that is a fruit of prayer.

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Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love

Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love

This is the most popular book in our Faith and Spirituality collection written by Fr. Stefano Manelli. Its popular appeal is due to its numerous accounts of the saints' examples on their devotion to the Holy Eucharist.

Starting at: $2.99

Marian Shrines of France
A Handbook on Guadalupe
Mary and the Priestly Ministry
Devotion to Our Lady
Mary at the Foot of the Cross - I : Millennium with Mary
The Triple Way
For the Life of the World
The Marian Vow of Unlimited Consecration to the Immaculate
In Pursuit of Immortal Souls
Who is Mary?
Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
A Primer on the Absolute Primacy of Christ
Marian Shrines of Italy
Bl. John Duns Scotus: Marian Doctor
St. Maximilian Kolbe: Martyr of Charity - Pneumatolgist
The Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces

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  • Reviewing a Book on St. Francis

    Ave Maria!

    Virgo Facta Ecclesia is by the Franciscans of the Immaculate and published through the Academy of the Immaculate. It introduces us to the life and charism of St. Francis, with a particular focus on the Marian root of the vocation given to St. Francis of Assisi. We learn more about what the poverty of St. Francis was about, and why he embraced it. St. Francis prayer life, which was later called "Seraphic" after the Seraphs ("Those who burn with love").

    We learn that Saint Francis of Assisi was given his vocation through the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We also learn why She chose him, and for what purpose. The Christocentrism of Saint Francis finds its solid ground in his attention to Mary since She leads us infallibly to Jesus.

    We also see how the vocation of Saint Francis and Franciscans was interpreted by Saint Maximilian Koble and his insight into the Marian root of the Franciscan vocation. He teaches us that Saint Francis and his sons were chosen to be the instruments to obtain the dogmatic definition of the Immaculate Conception. Since this has been done, Jesus and Mary's intention for the Franciscan order is for it to incorporate the dogma of the Immaculate Conception into the life of the Catholic Church, principally through Total Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    This small book (c. 170 pages) is essential reading for anyone, religious or lay, interested in the Franciscan vocation today, especially with the call of the Second Vatican Council to renew religious life by reconnected with the charism given to the founder.

    The book is available from the Academy of the Immaculate here: